Local(ish) upcoming events

They are still looking for judges for NERHBC, 10/24 in Nashua. I judged this comp last year. Very well run. Good food. http://bfd.org/nerhbc/

And also for LIBME’s 3rd Annual, 11/21 in Bayshore. If Bayshore seems like a long drive, be aware that the plan is to get the whole thing done in one flight, leaving you the rest of the day free to explore. http://beermalt.net/

And LIBME is hosting a MEAD EXAM on 2/20 in Patchogue. This is the only mead exam to be held in this area in the next year or two, so jump on it. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bjcp-mead-certification-exam-tickets-17768677593

Holiday Party a rousing success!

Many thanks to Dave and Gena for hosting the Holiday Party and Silli Biere Competition! The party was, as always, a rousing success. Many excellent bottles were swapped. The Competition was small, but all the entries were clever and wonderful.

Handy Andy took many pictures. Look for them on the Facebook page.

Our next meeting will be in January at Clone and Carole’s house in Stratford. Full details will be sent via the usual channels. With luck, I’ll have the November tasting notes posted by then.

Don’t forget: The club birthday party is coming up in March!

Homebrew Casting Call

I just received this in the mail. I have not vetted it. Just passing it along to you all.

Hello Underground Brewers of Connecticut,

I am a television producer with VPEtalent casting a new television concept alongside Original Media (producers of LA Ink, Comic Book Men, and Tatum Channing’s new series on A&E). You can find out more about us here at vpetalent.com and originalmedia.com.

Currently in development, the series will feature experts in the brewing and distilling world who create the best backyard alcohol. If you make the best hard cider out of your own home, then we are looking for you.

We are looking for the best of the best homebrewers and distillers to show off their skills as masters of homemade concoctions as well as follow their daily lives. We were wondering if you know of anyone in your club who fits this description or would be interested in this project.

The focus of our show will be presenting how our experts create alcohol as their passion and as well as their livelihood. If this has piqued your interest please feel free to respond to this email and I would be happy to discuss the project further. Or if you know someone who might be a great fit for this please forward this message along and we would be happy to speak with them as well.

I look forward to connecting with you at your earliest convenience.


Matt Drezdzon

Eli’s/Maltose Express Competition Needs Judges

Maltose Express & Eli’s are VERY MUCH in need of judges for a pre-judging session on Monday, July 21st at 5:30pm at Maltose in Monroe. There are about 100 entries for this competition.

This is not a BJCP sanctioned contest, but all entries will be judged by BJCP guidelines.

If you’re able to help out, please give Tess or Mark a call at 203.452.7332

Food will be provided.

Oaktoberfest Homebrew Competition

I have received the following from Mark Thome, our long-lost brother out on the West Coast:

Hi Paul,

Hope this email still works.
My new brew club sponsors the Oaktoberfest competition. It is part of the oaktoberfest street fair in Oakland. As u can see, the best of show gets a lot more then a hardy hand shake.

Let’s show them what the UBCC can do.


The Oaktoberfest Homebrew Competition, hosted by the Mad Zymurgists, is pleased to announce this year’s new grand prize for the Best of Show beer.  While we know everyone enjoys the ribbons and recognition of winning in a category at this German style only competition, we are upping the WOW factor for the competition winner this year.
We have partnered with the 21st Amendment Brewing Company to offer a very special opportunity for the winning brewer—to have their winning lager or ale beer brewed by 21A for local distribution and special events!
Shaun O’Sullivan, co-owner, and Brewermaster had this to say, “We are so excited to be part of this great competition, and to do something exciting for the homebrewing community.”
There is still plenty of time to get a beer ready for Oaktoberfest.  If you don’t already have some in the works, here are a few that are easily finished by the entry deadline: Altbier, Kölsch, Weizen, Dunkelweizen, Roggenbier, Berliner Weisse, Rauchbeer, or a sped-up lager.
And as always, the winners will be announced live at the Oaktoberfest in the Dimond festival in Oakland on October 4th on the main stage!
Visit the competition page for more information: http://www.madzymurgists.com

July Meeting: Lawnmower Beers at the Boatyard

Just a reminder that the July meeting will be on Wednesday the 16th. 7:30pm as usual.

The theme is “Lawnmower Beers”. But homebrew of any style is always welcome.

Location is my house in Branford. (Email the webmaster if you don’t know the address.) Since I’m on the eastern fringe, I invited a few members of MASH, our sister club to the east, to join. Most of you know most of them already. I don’t expect a rumble.