SNERHC 2014 Results are up!

Please follow this link for full results from SNERHC 2014.

Scanned score sheets should be available at this site before Oct. 10.

Scores and score sheets are now available. Log in to the registration site to view and/or download your score sheets.

If the writing on one or more of your score sheets is too faint to read, send me an email (address on the entry list page) and I’ll rescan it darker.

Many, many, many thanks to the awesome crew who made SNERHC such a success yet again: the organizing committee, the judges and stewards, and the sponsors. You were all fantastic.

SNERHC 2014 just four days away!

The entries have been unpacked and sorted. The prizes are piling up. The judges are getting their marching orders. In short, everything is falling into place. SNERHC 2014 is just 4 days away. Yes, we are excited.

Sept 2014 Meeting Notes

Just back from Dan and Alison Mages’ home and the September meeting. As usual, Dan went overboard on the food, with excellent cheese and bread and pickles and a wonderful tabouleh-like thing. Delicious.

Dan also showed off the swag he’s collected for SNERHC prizes. Completely over the top. SNERHC winners will be very happy. I can’t imagine how much time he must have spent wrangling this stuff out of the hop farms, brewers, equipment makers, and wholesalers he has persuaded to donate. Thank you, Dan!

The homebrews we judged were also over the top. Almost everything scored in the high 30s and some reached the low 40s. Absolutely outstanding brews. You shoulda been there.

Unfortunately, I’m an utter numbnutz when it comes to WordPress. I have no idea how to insert a table and fill it with the tasting notes. So I’m going to just give you the highlights here. Maybe someone who knows WordPress can fix this for me later.

  • American Wheat with Mosaic hops, brewed by Pastry Dan, scored 37. Melon and juicy fruit aromas. Well-attenuated. Mouth-filling. Much more interesting than your standard American wheat. A very yummy, drinkable beer.
  • Witbier, brewed by Pastry Dan, scored 30. Phenolic, grainy aroma. Lots of coriander in flavor. Dry finish. Bottle was a gusher which stirred up the yeast. Dan says other bottles have been better.
  • Biere de table, brewed by Pastry Dan, scored 40. Second runnings of the wit. Clean, bright, fresh nose full of noble hops. Lemony flavor. Clean, quick finish. 3% abv. Very drinkable.
  • Flanders Red with mulberries, brewed by Handy Andy, scored 42. Outstanding Flanders red base with a strong sour nose and balanced dry finish. Perfect acetic/lactic balance. Mulberries evident in aroma and flavor. Mmmmmmm.
  • Belgian Dubbel, brewed by Ted (I think, notes unclear), scored 32. Clovey, phenolic nose. Malty sweetness. Hints of licorice. Lacks carbonation.
  • American Stout, brewed by Colin, scored 35. Rich, dark, roasty, malty nose. Excellent malty sweetness up front. Could use a bit more hop bitterness in finish. Extremely flavorful.
  • Imperial Stout with coffee and cacao, brewed by Handy Andy, scored 34. Strong aged alcohol nose with some coffee and cacao. Port wine character in flavor. More of an old ale than an RIS. Flavorful but not to style. Perhaps has passed its prime.
  • Strawberry mead, brewed by Colin, scored 28. Aroma lacks honey florals, contains a bit of funk. Not much strawberry evident in aroma or flavor. Totally drinkable. Good first try at mead.

That’s all! I’m hoping Handy Andy has some photos we can post later.


SNERHC Entries Nearing 300 Mark

UPDATE: As of Sept 17, we have 332 paid entries. Not much room left!!

With 5 days left in the registration period, we are currently just shy of 300 entries for SNERHC.

This is an outstanding turnout. Thank you all!

Of course, it reinforces the need for MORE JUDGES. If you can help out with judging, please register now!


Homebrew Casting Call

I just received this in the mail. I have not vetted it. Just passing it along to you all.

Hello Underground Brewers of Connecticut,

I am a television producer with VPEtalent casting a new television concept alongside Original Media (producers of LA Ink, Comic Book Men, and Tatum Channing’s new series on A&E). You can find out more about us here at and

Currently in development, the series will feature experts in the brewing and distilling world who create the best backyard alcohol. If you make the best hard cider out of your own home, then we are looking for you.

We are looking for the best of the best homebrewers and distillers to show off their skills as masters of homemade concoctions as well as follow their daily lives. We were wondering if you know of anyone in your club who fits this description or would be interested in this project.

The focus of our show will be presenting how our experts create alcohol as their passion and as well as their livelihood. If this has piqued your interest please feel free to respond to this email and I would be happy to discuss the project further. Or if you know someone who might be a great fit for this please forward this message along and we would be happy to speak with them as well.

I look forward to connecting with you at your earliest convenience.


Matt Drezdzon

SNERHC Entries Pass 150 Mark

*** UPDATE 9/10/14 ***

With 10 days left in the registration period, we currently have 225 paid entries in the system. That leave 150 open slots. There is still room for yours!!!


We registered more than 150 SNERHC entries in the first 24 hours, more than 1/3 of the slots available. Woot!


Received from our friends to the north:

I’m writing ask for your help judging or stewarding at the 9th New England Regional Homebrew Competition, coming up on Saturday, October 18th.  We are expecting about 450 entries so we will need quite a few qualified staff.  This year’s competition, which again will be held at Martha’s Exchange, a great brewpub in downtown Nashua, NH.  If you can come and help judge, it would be greatly appreciated.  Also, as the proceeds for this competition will be donated to the American Cancer Society, you will be helping in a great cause (besides judging beer)!

NERHBC is an AHA and BJCP sanctioned competition.  The 2008 revision of the BJCP guidelines will be used for this event.

For out of town judges, we will provide information about local accommodations and activities, and we are currently looking at after-competition activities as well.  Please also share information about this competition with your fellow home brewers.

If you can join us on October 18th, please sign up at

All the best,

Eric Adriaansen

Organizer, 9th New England Regional Homebrew Competition

2014 July Meeting Notes – Can you taste the water?

First, I would like to dispense some thanks.  Paul,  thank you for hosting this months meeting at the Boatyard.  Andy, thank you for being the evenings scribe and taking all the tasting notes. Finally, I would like to thank all who attended, and brought with them, some fantastic homebrews to share.  It was nice meeting some of the members of MASH our sister club, too.   So, without further ado, here are the aforementioned tasting notes.   

Oaked Mild – brewer Jamie

This beer fit into two categories 22c Wood Aged Beer based on an 11a English Mild.  Aroma  (6/12), was said to be oaky but musty, no hops were detected, nutty chocolate, and carmel wood notes could be detected.  Appearance (3/3) this beer was a little cloudy but within the style guidelines.  Flavor (13/20), was inline with the nose, with a dry, sweet, raw wood finish. (I’m not sure if dry and sweet are mutually exclusive, but there you go, both dry and sweet.)  Mouthfeel (4/5), low carbonation with a light body.  Overall (7/10), perhaps too oaky.  Total 33

Ruby Mild – brewer Andy

BJCP style 11a English Brown, Mild.  Aroma (7/12), Caramel malt sweetness, and nuttiness.  One person reported a bandaid smell.  Appearance (3/3), clear and on style.  Flavor (15/20), you could really taste the high quality water on this English styled ale, with a nice balance of hops and a hint of toffee.  Mouthfeel (4/5), low carbonation.  Overall (8/10), easy drinking and a good example of this style.  Total 37

 Saison – brewer Dave

BJCP style 16c Saison. Aroma (10/12), Wonderful peppery smell, sweet (too much?), candy sugar, tart apple cherry sweet aroma, and a touch of farmhouse funk.  Appearance (2/3), a bit cloudy and dark for the style.  Flavor (16/20), a bit sweet on the tongue, a little syrupy, with a peppery finish.  It could have been more sour.  Mouthfeel (3/5), Bit too sweet, needed more pucker.  Overall (7/10), Could be great with further aging.  Total 38

American Pale Ale – brewer Jamie

BJCP style 10a American Pale Ale. Aroma (10/12), Malt character comes though with slight sweetness, good hop aromas, light and subtile, good balance.  Appearance (3/3), perfect.  Flavor (17/20), flavor matches the aroma, hops and malts in balance with no obvious flaws.  Mouthfeel (5/5), Bit strong in finish, too many hops.  (This was written by Andy, I personally don think there is such a thing as too many hops.)  Overall (8/10), Very drinkable beer.  Total 43

English IPA – brewer Andy

BJCP style 14a English IPA.  Aroma (7/12), Sweet orange, smells of American hops.  Appearance (3/3), Nice.  Flavor (12/20), Toffee, chocolate, not a strong hop flavor, could use more flavor.  Mouthfeel (3/5), Needs more astringency(?).  Overall (5/10), Could drink a lot of this one.  Total 30

American Brown Ale – brewer Haystack

BJCP style 10c American Brown Ale. Aroma (9/12), Rich malty aroma, chocolate, caramel, malt forward, could use more hop aroma.  Appearance (3/3), beautiful.  Flavor (15/20), Sweet caramel flavor, malt forward, more hop flavor and bitterness is needed for this style.  Mouthfeel (3/5), a bit light bodied, and low carbonation.  Overall (5/10), really nice beer, but this would have scored better as an English Brown Ale.  American Brown Ales need more; more malt and a lot more hops.  Total 35

American IPA – brewer Mark

BJCP style 14b American IPA.  Aroma (7/12), Citrus Bomb! No malt aroma was detected, very one dimensional.  Appearance (1/3), very cloudy, opaque,  khaki color, no head.  We later found out that the keg was shaken to loosen up a stuck intake.  Flavor (11/20), Mango, not a bitter as expected, NZ or South Pacific Hops detected.  Mouthfeel (2/5), no carbonation.  Overall (5/10), Not bad, could have been better if it had more carbonation.  Total 26

English Barleywine – brewer Greg

BJCP style 19B. English Barleywine.  Aroma (10/12), dark stone fruit, hint of fusel oils, low on hops, sweet, sherry.  Appearance (3/3), spot on!  Flavor (18/20), Holding power, complex, dark stone fruits.  Mouthfeel (5/5), perfect.  Overall (9/10), “smashing”, really great beer.  Total 45

Hefeweizen Braggot I – brewer Geoff

BJCP style 26b Braggot based on a 15a Weizen.  Aroma (8/12), pronounced cloves, little evidence of honey but picked up by some.  Appearance (3/3), slightly hazy, some head retention.  Flavor (15/20), very well balance, the two styles work well together.  Mouthfeel (4/5) Overall (7/10) Total 37

Hefeweizen Braggot II – brewer Geoff

BJCP style 26b Braggot based on a 15a Weizen.  Aroma (6/12), less Hefeweizen, more like a mead.  Appearance (3/3), fine. Flavor (11/20), Bit of acidity, less Hefeweizen, more of a session beer than the first.  Mouthfeel (4/5) Overall (5/10) Mead flavor exceptional Total 29

Berliner Weizen – brewer Mark

BJCP style 17A. Berliner Weisse.  Aroma (7/12), Sourness quite mild, no hops, no fruitiness, clean and pleasant.  Appearance (2/3), not effervescent, ok otherwise.  Flavor (10/20), restrained sourness, pleasant, sourness not dominating.  Mouthfeel (3/5), lacking carbonation, not dry enough.  Overall (6/10), nice beer, lacking fizz and bite.  Total 28

Soured American Rye – brewer Doug

BJCP style, your guess is as good as mine.  Aroma (8/12), lactic acid, tart apple, spiciness from the rye.  Appearance (3/3), quite nice color, darkness from the rye.  Flavor (12/20), sour, very sweet, apple, acetic.  Mouthfeel (4/5), Thick body, low carbonation.  Overall (6/10), Nice sour complexity, better attenuation would help. Total 33

Flanders Red – brewer Greg

BJCP style 17b Flanders Red Ale.  Aroma (10/12), beautiful, fruity, dry cherry, acetate.  Appearance (3/3), perfect.  Flavor (15/20), Appropriate sweetness, sourness restrained, perhaps would improve with more fruity complexity.  Mouthfeel (5/5), on style.  Overall (7/10)  Total 40

Grätzer - brewer Doug

BJCP style, future historical.  Aroma (9/12), refined smokiness, refreshing.  Special guest comments, “Smokeness is really awesome.”  Appearance (3/3), Clear some carbonation.  Flavor (13/20), smokiness ver much liked, some bandaid.  Mouthfeel (4/5), light, lost carbonation.  Overall (7/10), generally very well liked.  Total 36