Meeting at the Burger Joint

“Robert Burger” is not a name you hear too often in these posts. With 2 young children and a very full plate at home, Bob doesn’t often get to club meetings. But he is a brewer of extraordinary talent. And meetings at his home tend to degenerate into expeditions into his basement for sampling from his kegs. September’s meeting was no different.

As is usual at the Burger Joint, the munchies were excellent, the beer was superb, and the attendance was … not overwhelming. Branford is just a bit too far east for many of the club’s members. (How many of the poor things will manage to get to my new abode in Guilford? Not many, I fear.) But we did have a quorum.

This included The Naughty Nurse, recently returned from a training seminar related to people who had lost their sense of smell. Much conversation revolved around the retraining of such persons and the various ways that sensory inputs affect the appreciation of beer, food, etc. It may not have been completely pertinent to homebrew, but it was very interesting.

More entertaining for your correspondent were the Burgers’ two kittens. And their children. And the kitten/child behavioral axis. Having had both children and kittens myself, I vividly remember the difficulty of regulating the interaction between the two. The Burgers seem to have this under control. Both species were extremely well-behaved.

Many outstanding homebrews were sampled, not all of which were brewed by Mr. Burger himself. Please refer to the tasting notes below.

Mtg 2016-09 02[1]
Mtg 2016-09 02[1]
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