May 2015 Meeting at Dan’s

It finally happened. I finally managed to attend a meeting hosted by Dan “Top Chef” Cole. Those of you who missed it really missed out. As always, Dan’s cooking was outstanding: steamed mussels, porchetta, tomato bisque — we chowed down like starving hyenas. Thank you, Dan!

Fewer homebrews to judge than at the last several meetings. But almost all were excellent. We actually got into a heated discussion about giving scores over 40 and how often that should happen. If any beer deserves a score that high, it is Mara’s Brett Saison — citrusy, spicy, super dry, Brett not overwhelming, very refreshing. Perfect complement to the mussels and porchetta. (So, of course, we had to chow down again.)

Another heated discussion concerned the new style guidelines and how we will combine them into categories for SNERHC. There are simply too many new categories to give 3 ribbons for each. We can combine some based on our guesses about how many entries each will attract. Or we can use one of the “new styles sorted into old categories” lists out of the appendix of the new guidelines.

We came to no conclusions, and this topic will keep coming up. If you haven’t yet downloaded the new style guidelines, I urge you to do so now ( Start reading through them. They are long, and it’s not that many months until SNERHC. You’ll need to be familiar with them before you judge.

In that same vein, we need to choose a set of guidelines for the upcoming in-house competition on June 10. Check the announcements mailing list for the official ruling on that.

Tasting notes:

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40th Birthday Party a Huge Success!!

Our 40th Birthday Party was a HUGE success, attracting many old YAHOOS not seen in years as well as some of our newest members. The legendary Pat Baker, founder of Crosby&Baker, the HWBTA, the BJCP, and our little club, was there, telling stories of the club’s founding. There was plenty of excellent beer, of course, and lots of fun.

I will post photos as soon as I can wrest them from Handy Andy’s grasp.

Many, many thanks to all involved. I’m sure I’m going to forget people, so forgive me. The ones I can remember are: Two Roads for the room, Kendra for negotiating with them and handling a million details, Pivo for the pizza and soda, Jane for the wonderful cake (obtained and decorated at the very last minute because I was too stoopid to plan ahead), Andy for brewing beer especially for the event and taking pictures, and everyone for bringing great food and drink.