2014 July Meeting Notes – Can you taste the water?

First, I would like to dispense some thanks.  Paul,  thank you for hosting this months meeting at the Boatyard.  Andy, thank you for being the evenings scribe and taking all the tasting notes. Finally, I would like to thank all who attended, and brought with them, some fantastic homebrews to share.  It was nice meeting some of the members of MASH our sister club, too.   So, without further ado, here are the aforementioned tasting notes.   

Oaked Mild – brewer Jamie

This beer fit into two categories 22c Wood Aged Beer based on an 11a English Mild.  Aroma  (6/12), was said to be oaky but musty, no hops were detected, nutty chocolate, and carmel wood notes could be detected.  Appearance (3/3) this beer was a little cloudy but within the style guidelines.  Flavor (13/20), was inline with the nose, with a dry, sweet, raw wood finish. (I’m not sure if dry and sweet are mutually exclusive, but there you go, both dry and sweet.)  Mouthfeel (4/5), low carbonation with a light body.  Overall (7/10), perhaps too oaky.  Total 33

Ruby Mild – brewer Andy

BJCP style 11a English Brown, Mild.  Aroma (7/12), Caramel malt sweetness, and nuttiness.  One person reported a bandaid smell.  Appearance (3/3), clear and on style.  Flavor (15/20), you could really taste the high quality water on this English styled ale, with a nice balance of hops and a hint of toffee.  Mouthfeel (4/5), low carbonation.  Overall (8/10), easy drinking and a good example of this style.  Total 37

 Saison – brewer Dave

BJCP style 16c Saison. Aroma (10/12), Wonderful peppery smell, sweet (too much?), candy sugar, tart apple cherry sweet aroma, and a touch of farmhouse funk.  Appearance (2/3), a bit cloudy and dark for the style.  Flavor (16/20), a bit sweet on the tongue, a little syrupy, with a peppery finish.  It could have been more sour.  Mouthfeel (3/5), Bit too sweet, needed more pucker.  Overall (7/10), Could be great with further aging.  Total 38

American Pale Ale – brewer Jamie

BJCP style 10a American Pale Ale. Aroma (10/12), Malt character comes though with slight sweetness, good hop aromas, light and subtile, good balance.  Appearance (3/3), perfect.  Flavor (17/20), flavor matches the aroma, hops and malts in balance with no obvious flaws.  Mouthfeel (5/5), Bit strong in finish, too many hops.  (This was written by Andy, I personally don think there is such a thing as too many hops.)  Overall (8/10), Very drinkable beer.  Total 43

English IPA – brewer Andy

BJCP style 14a English IPA.  Aroma (7/12), Sweet orange, smells of American hops.  Appearance (3/3), Nice.  Flavor (12/20), Toffee, chocolate, not a strong hop flavor, could use more flavor.  Mouthfeel (3/5), Needs more astringency(?).  Overall (5/10), Could drink a lot of this one.  Total 30

American Brown Ale – brewer Haystack

BJCP style 10c American Brown Ale. Aroma (9/12), Rich malty aroma, chocolate, caramel, malt forward, could use more hop aroma.  Appearance (3/3), beautiful.  Flavor (15/20), Sweet caramel flavor, malt forward, more hop flavor and bitterness is needed for this style.  Mouthfeel (3/5), a bit light bodied, and low carbonation.  Overall (5/10), really nice beer, but this would have scored better as an English Brown Ale.  American Brown Ales need more; more malt and a lot more hops.  Total 35

American IPA – brewer Mark

BJCP style 14b American IPA.  Aroma (7/12), Citrus Bomb! No malt aroma was detected, very one dimensional.  Appearance (1/3), very cloudy, opaque,  khaki color, no head.  We later found out that the keg was shaken to loosen up a stuck intake.  Flavor (11/20), Mango, not a bitter as expected, NZ or South Pacific Hops detected.  Mouthfeel (2/5), no carbonation.  Overall (5/10), Not bad, could have been better if it had more carbonation.  Total 26

English Barleywine – brewer Greg

BJCP style 19B. English Barleywine.  Aroma (10/12), dark stone fruit, hint of fusel oils, low on hops, sweet, sherry.  Appearance (3/3), spot on!  Flavor (18/20), Holding power, complex, dark stone fruits.  Mouthfeel (5/5), perfect.  Overall (9/10), “smashing”, really great beer.  Total 45

Hefeweizen Braggot I – brewer Geoff

BJCP style 26b Braggot based on a 15a Weizen.  Aroma (8/12), pronounced cloves, little evidence of honey but picked up by some.  Appearance (3/3), slightly hazy, some head retention.  Flavor (15/20), very well balance, the two styles work well together.  Mouthfeel (4/5) Overall (7/10) Total 37

Hefeweizen Braggot II – brewer Geoff

BJCP style 26b Braggot based on a 15a Weizen.  Aroma (6/12), less Hefeweizen, more like a mead.  Appearance (3/3), fine. Flavor (11/20), Bit of acidity, less Hefeweizen, more of a session beer than the first.  Mouthfeel (4/5) Overall (5/10) Mead flavor exceptional Total 29

Berliner Weizen – brewer Mark

BJCP style 17A. Berliner Weisse.  Aroma (7/12), Sourness quite mild, no hops, no fruitiness, clean and pleasant.  Appearance (2/3), not effervescent, ok otherwise.  Flavor (10/20), restrained sourness, pleasant, sourness not dominating.  Mouthfeel (3/5), lacking carbonation, not dry enough.  Overall (6/10), nice beer, lacking fizz and bite.  Total 28

Soured American Rye – brewer Doug

BJCP style, your guess is as good as mine.  Aroma (8/12), lactic acid, tart apple, spiciness from the rye.  Appearance (3/3), quite nice color, darkness from the rye.  Flavor (12/20), sour, very sweet, apple, acetic.  Mouthfeel (4/5), Thick body, low carbonation.  Overall (6/10), Nice sour complexity, better attenuation would help. Total 33

Flanders Red – brewer Greg

BJCP style 17b Flanders Red Ale.  Aroma (10/12), beautiful, fruity, dry cherry, acetate.  Appearance (3/3), perfect.  Flavor (15/20), Appropriate sweetness, sourness restrained, perhaps would improve with more fruity complexity.  Mouthfeel (5/5), on style.  Overall (7/10)  Total 40

Grätzer – brewer Doug

BJCP style, future historical.  Aroma (9/12), refined smokiness, refreshing.  Special guest comments, “Smokeness is really awesome.”  Appearance (3/3), Clear some carbonation.  Flavor (13/20), smokiness ver much liked, some bandaid.  Mouthfeel (4/5), light, lost carbonation.  Overall (7/10), generally very well liked.  Total 36

Eli’s/Maltose Express Competition Needs Judges

Maltose Express & Eli’s are VERY MUCH in need of judges for a pre-judging session on Monday, July 21st at 5:30pm at Maltose in Monroe. There are about 100 entries for this competition.

This is not a BJCP sanctioned contest, but all entries will be judged by BJCP guidelines.

If you’re able to help out, please give Tess or Mark a call at 203.452.7332

Food will be provided.

Oaktoberfest Homebrew Competition

I have received the following from Mark Thome, our long-lost brother out on the West Coast:

Hi Paul,

Hope this email still works.
My new brew club sponsors the Oaktoberfest competition. It is part of the oaktoberfest street fair in Oakland. As u can see, the best of show gets a lot more then a hardy hand shake.

Let’s show them what the UBCC can do.


The Oaktoberfest Homebrew Competition, hosted by the Mad Zymurgists, is pleased to announce this year’s new grand prize for the Best of Show beer.  While we know everyone enjoys the ribbons and recognition of winning in a category at this German style only competition, we are upping the WOW factor for the competition winner this year.
We have partnered with the 21st Amendment Brewing Company to offer a very special opportunity for the winning brewer—to have their winning lager or ale beer brewed by 21A for local distribution and special events!
Shaun O’Sullivan, co-owner, and Brewermaster had this to say, “We are so excited to be part of this great competition, and to do something exciting for the homebrewing community.”
There is still plenty of time to get a beer ready for Oaktoberfest.  If you don’t already have some in the works, here are a few that are easily finished by the entry deadline: Altbier, Kölsch, Weizen, Dunkelweizen, Roggenbier, Berliner Weisse, Rauchbeer, or a sped-up lager.
And as always, the winners will be announced live at the Oaktoberfest in the Dimond festival in Oakland on October 4th on the main stage!
Visit the competition page for more information: http://www.madzymurgists.com

July Meeting: Lawnmower Beers at the Boatyard

Just a reminder that the July meeting will be on Wednesday the 16th. 7:30pm as usual.

The theme is “Lawnmower Beers”. But homebrew of any style is always welcome.

Location is my house in Branford. (Email the webmaster if you don’t know the address.) Since I’m on the eastern fringe, I invited a few members of MASH, our sister club to the east, to join. Most of you know most of them already. I don’t expect a rumble.

We Are Famous!

Most of you probably already know that the club was mentioned in Maureen Ogle’s book, Ambitious Brew: The Story Of American Beer. Now there is a new book coming out called Crafty Bastards by Lauren Clark. It devotes several pages to us and, especially, to our illustrious founder, Pat Baker, outlining our place in the American beer renaissance.

Dr. Pivo sent us an excerpt: Crafty Bastards by Lauren Clark, 20-22

The Passing of an Old Yahoo

It makes me sad that the first real post on the new web site is bad news. But we need to pass along this notice just received from Stephen Morley:

Passing of Anal Retent

It is with deepest regards that I inform you of the passing of an old and dear member of our illustrious organization, Harry Clayton, aka Anal Retent, has passed on to the other side. Harry has not been around for several years as he has struggled with health issues but those of us we were part of this club for many years will fondly remember the fabulous brews that he produced for a regular basis. Let us raise a glass and drink in celebration of his life and all the years of great brewing. 

I was a close friend of Harry, having gone to school with him, and enjoyed many occasions of spending time with him and his ex-wife Hope. I learned to electrical engineering with his aid and was introduced to brewing by him. 


New Website Brewing

We’ve been threatening to do this for a long time. Now it’s finally happening.

The web site is undergoing a major upgrade.

Don’t worry. We won’t lose any of the old stuff. All the old Bugles and photos and calendar will eventually be available again. But it’s going to take a little time. Bear with us through the transition.

Geoff Burr has kindly stepped forward to be in charge of the transition. The entire club owes him thanks.

Leave comments on this post if you have any suggestions for new features, complaints about how things are working (or not), etc.