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  • This list is an announce-only list.

This is the official public announcement list for the Underground Brewers of CT (aka YAHOOS). Typical subjects: meeting places and times, new newsletters, local competitions. This is a low-traffic list, averaging just a few messages per month.

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  1. ubcc-announce: Meeting THIS Wednesday!
    Sent December 10th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOOOOS! Reminder: Due to the holidays, the December meeting will be THIS Wednesday, 12/13. The meeting will be hosted by the Rickmans, 1145 Andrew Mountain Road, Naugatuck. Normal 7:30pm start time. The theme will be Christmas beers and other spi...

  2. ubcc-announce: December meeting
    Sent November 27th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOOOOS! Remember that the December meeting will be held on the SECOND Wednesday of the month, Dec 13. (The 3rd Wednesday is just too close to Christmas.) The meeting will be hosted by the Rickmans, 1145 Andrew Mountain Road, Naugatuck. Normal 7:30...

  3. ubcc-announce: Meeting tomorrow!!
    Sent November 14th 2017

    YAHOOOOOS!! Don't forget! November meeting at the Tiplers, 53 Brookside Drive, Trumbull. TOMORROW, 12/15, 7:30pm. The theme is British Ales. But, of course, homebrew to be judged can be of any style. And did you remember that the December meeting will...

  4. ubcc-announce: November and December Meetings
    Sent November 7th 2017

    YAHOOOOOS!! Many apologies for the delayed mailing. Been a bit busy lately. ===================== The November meeting will be hosted by the Tiplers, 53 Brookside Drive, Trumbull. Nov 15, 7:30pm. The theme is British Ales. But, of course, homebrew to...

  5. ubcc-announce: Cider pressing, November meeting
    Sent October 30th 2017

    YAHOOOOS!!! I missed the October meeting and it sounds like that was a huge mistake. Lots of people and lots of great beer at Mara's house. Mara wrote up the minutes, and Pivo added some more. I will get them all published on the club web site soon. The ...

  6. ubcc-announce: October Meeting; cider; so many competitions
    Sent October 8th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOOOOS! With all the hubbub surrounding SNERHC, I forgot to send out an announcement regarding the October meeting. Yes, we are having one. Normal format. Mara's house, 720 Frenchtown Rd, Bridgeport. October 18, 7:30pm. The theme is sours and wi...

  7. ubcc-announce: Meeting reminder; even more competitions!
    Sent September 18th 2017

    Quick reminder: September Meeting at the Burger Joint! Wednesday, Sept 20, 7:30pm. 12 Whitewood Dr, Branford. The theme is Oktoberfest. But homebrew of any style is welcome for judging. =================================== We are really in the thick of ...

  8. ubcc-announce: September meeting
    Sent September 8th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOS!!! Just like last year, the host for our September meeting will be Robert Burger and the theme will be Oktoberfests. Anyone who has been to a meeting at the Burger Joint knows that there tends to be quite a lot of good beer tucked away in his ...

  9. ubcc-announce: Instead of a picnic.....
    Sent August 15th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOOS!!!! Apologies for the abrupt cancellation of the picnic last weekend. But that doesn't mean we don't have things going on. Here's a few: ======================================= Clay Viands is looking for a few good people to help him drink...

  10. ubcc-announce: Picnic cancelled :-(
    Sent August 11th 2017

    Yahoos, With a heavy heart, I must report that we are cancelling the picnic. Not enough RSVPs. Our next regular meeting will be in September. Details TBA. ================= In other news, we have invites to upcoming events on Long Island and up in Hart...

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