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This is the official public announcement list for the Underground Brewers of CT (aka YAHOOS). Typical subjects: meeting places and times, new newsletters, local competitions. This is a low-traffic list, averaging just a few messages per month.

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  1. ubcc-announce: Instead of a picnic.....
    Sent August 15th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOOS!!!! Apologies for the abrupt cancellation of the picnic last weekend. But that doesn't mean we don't have things going on. Here's a few: ======================================= Clay Viands is looking for a few good people to help him drink...

  2. ubcc-announce: Picnic cancelled :-(
    Sent August 11th 2017

    Yahoos, With a heavy heart, I must report that we are cancelling the picnic. Not enough RSVPs. Our next regular meeting will be in September. Details TBA. ================= In other news, we have invites to upcoming events on Long Island and up in Hart...

  3. ubcc-announce: PICNIC!!!
    Sent August 4th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOS!! Against all odds, we will have a Summer Picnic this year! The Sforzas have graciously offered to host. Info: ============================ Address: 154 North St, Trumbull CT 06611 Date: Saturday 12th August @ 2pm Food: BBQ, salads, mac &...

  4. ubcc-announce: July Meeting
    Sent July 9th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!! The July meeting will be hosted by Dan Mages, 100 Stevenson Rd, New Haven. 7/19, 7:30pm. This is a regular "blind tasting" meeting. No lectures. No competitions. Just helping each other make the best homebrew possible. I'll...

  5. ubcc-announce: Competition reminder
    Sent June 19th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOOOS!!!!! Don't forget! Our annual in-house competition will be this Wednesday, 6/21. As usual, the competition will be held at John and Tracy Watson's house, 101 West Purchase Road, Southbury. We'd like to start the actual judging at 7:30pm sha...

  6. ubcc-announce: Feeling competitive?
    Sent June 5th 2017

    [Some of you may have gotten a copy of this email containing a grievous error in the June meeting date. This one is correct.] YAHOOOOOOOOS!!!!! It is June. (Don't look at the thermometer, which says April. It's June. I promise.) What happens in June? The...

  7. ubcc-announce: Feeling competitive?
    Sent June 5th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOOOS!!!!! It is June. (Don't look at the thermometer, which says April. It's June. I promise.) What happens in June? The in-house club competition, that's what. The no-gloves, no-holds-barred cage match to determine bragging rights for the year. ...

  8. ubcc-announce: Mead Meeting Reminder
    Sent May 15th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOOS! New research was just published on the way that honeybees clean themselves after getting covered in pollen. You can read about it here: https://nyti.ms/2qjkVCW Why do I post this? Because this is the reminder message about the May Mead Meeti...

  9. ubcc-announce: May Meeting - Mead!!
    Sent May 10th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOOS! May is here, and that means our long-awaited MEAD MEETING. Special guest Bob Slanzi, legendary mead maker, will give us a presentation and allow us to sample some of his work. If you've ever had the opportunity to sample Bob's meads, you kno...

  10. ubcc-announce: April Meeting Reminder
    Sent April 16th 2017

    YAHOOOOOOOS! Quick reminder: The March club meeting will be at Steve Victor's house, 166 East Rock Road, New Haven. April 19. 7:30pm. The theme will be Ciders. The format will be non-standard. First, please RSVP if you plan to attend, either on the Fac...

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