40th Birthday Bash

Club Birthday Party May 9

The club turns 40 years old this year. And to celebrate, we’re having a party on May 9 at Two Roads Brewery. More details will follow, but get it on your calendars now!

Many things need to get done to make this party a success. Want to lend a hand? Contact me.

New Website Brewing

We’ve been threatening to do this for a long time. Now it’s finally happening.

The web site is undergoing a major upgrade.

Don’t worry. We won’t lose any of the old stuff. All the old Bugles and photos and calendar will eventually be available again. But it’s going to take a little time. Bear with us through the transition.

Geoff Burr has kindly stepped forward to be in charge of the transition. The entire club owes him thanks.

Leave comments on this post if you have any suggestions for new features, complaints about how things are working (or not), etc.