Kathy and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Ted and Kathy Kobishyn will soon leave us for a life on the road, traveling the US in an RV and sampling the beer at every brewery they pass. But they were kind enough to host one meeting in their lovely home before taking off. (Frankly, I can’t understand how they can leave such an amazing location, hard up against the river in the historic part of Milford, but the open road beckons.)

Attendance was fairly small, but those who showed up were treated to outstanding food and libations. A most wonderful evening, to be sure.

The theme was “Strong Ales” and several attendees took that very seriously. The good Dr. Pivo, in particular, showed up with some Thomas Hardy ale older than my children. Slightly oxidized, but still quite excellent.

It seems that no one took any pictures. That stinks, because the house really is quite lovely. But we do have tasting notes, below.

Mtg 2016-02_01
Mtg 2016-02_01
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