Meeting at Veracious Was Truly Fantastic

See what I did there? Truly? Veracious? 😀

Okay, seriously, our first meeting in the Veracious Brewing tap room was a wild success. Turnout was enormous — well over 30 people — so we made full use of the big room and long tables and lots of chairs. Lots of newbies, which is great. Everyone brought awesome homebrew to judge. Big win.

The Sforzas were our hosts, with some help from the Nurse. They went all out with delicious munchies. We ate well! (I hope the newbies didn’t get the impression that the munchies will always be so copious and tasty. They’ll be disappointed when I host.) Eric looked like an old pro pouring samples and keeping the evening moving; despite the huge number of homebrews to judge, we still managed to finish at a reasonable hour. An excellent first outing for them.

Special thanks to Mark and Tess Szamatulski for making the room available to us despite the fact that they were far away and could not attend. They also left us with some delicious Veracious beer to sample, which we did. And very special thanks to Chris Palazini representing Veracious, helping with the setup and cleanup, babysitting us, and locking up afterward. (I STILL haven’t managed to taste any Palazini homebrew! Have to make that happen at some point.) All of our photos are courtesy of Chris as well.

Photos and tasting notes follow. (Trying to learn the new photo gallery widget, so bear with me.) Lots of great beers and ciders, from newbies as well as old hands. Unusually for us, we actually discussed processes and ingredients and made some suggestions for improvement. Enjoy!

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