July Meeting: Lawnmower Beers at the Boatyard

Just a reminder that the July meeting will be on Wednesday the 16th. 7:30pm as usual.

The theme is “Lawnmower Beers”. But homebrew of any style is always welcome.

Location is my house in Branford. (Email the webmaster if you don’t know the address.) Since I’m on the eastern fringe, I invited a few members of MASH, our sister club to the east, to join. Most of you know most of them already. I don’t expect a rumble.

2 thoughts on “July Meeting: Lawnmower Beers at the Boatyard”

  1. Gentlemen and Gentlewomen!

    Bad news it seems! The Rickman clan has again been forced to sojourn to a new abode. Our landlord became seriously ill in May of this year. We were unaware of her situation until she texted Robert from next door two weeks ago and asked to speak with us. She told us she would not be renewing our least on 1 Sept of this year. She needed to move back into her home. We were in shock. So, as of tomorrow we will sign a new lease on a new home almost 1 year to the day we left Pueblo Trail. Because of this sudden turn of events, we will not be able to host the Sept month beer tasting at our new place as it will be full of boxes and many tired persons.

    I wanted to let you know now so that another site could be found. I promise! One day the Rickman beer keg shall one day be full again!!

    Barb R.

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